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Anti-Gravel Spray - SGSG12

• Color white

• Protection, repellent

Water and insulation


• 500ml

Applicator Canula - FX981

• FX981 used in FX930

Applicator Canula - FX982

• FX982 used in FX975, FX940, FX970

Applicator Canula - FX983

• FX983 used in FX960

Applicator Gun - FX980

• Application spray gun for

Anaerobes effectively and professionally

Epoxy Resin Bar 140gr - FX950

• Cold welding

• Ideal for metal, wood and plastic

• Bi-component, can

Sanding, boring and painting


Hydraulic Tube Glue 65ml - 35196

• To seal brake and air pipes

• Teflon free

• Resistant to ethanol, motor oil, gasoline and brake oil

Liquid Metal 50gr - FX970

• For filling cracks

• Supports temperatures up to 120ºC

• Based on epoxide

• Universal use, use FX980 applicator gun

Plastic Repairer 50ml - FX930

• Polyurethane-based quick-drying adhesive

• 1: 1 Blend

• Use FX980 spray gun

Pressurized Silicone Black High Temperature - FX910

• With automatic system

• Quantity: 200ml

• High temperature and low volatility

• Resistant to oil, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze,

Lubricants, fue