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Heating jacket with Rechargeable batteries - KW36014M-XXL

For work and leisure - warm, comfortable

And sturdy. Extremely durable by

Be windproof and waterproof, material

Anti-tear 82% polyester, 12% TPU,

6% Spandex. 3 heati

KRAFTWERK Racing stainless steel chronograph -

Real Carbon Watch Background,

Numeric lighting, time display

And date. Anti-scratch safety glass.

Movement quartz Miyota.

Microfi ber cleaning cloths - KW38007

4 pieces, for fl oor, glass and

car cleaning and dust wipe.

Summer set - KW99060S-XL

- Shorts

- T-shirt

- Cap

Wireless computer mouse - KW90194

- On and off switch

- Integrated nano-USB receiver

- Forward and backward button


- DPI/CPI selectable from

1200-1600 dpi.

Wool cap - KW36013

Cozy warm, lightweight, Unisex, usable on both sides (burgundy black and red), material: 100% acrylic.

Work jacket - KW36007S-XXXL

Work scaffolding - KW36002S-XXXL

Work scaffolding

Knee pockets for

Knee pads 36006.

RATCHET SET 1/4" - KW1001

44 Peças

225 x 145 x 60mm

RATCHET SET 1/4" - KW1002

58 Pieces

225 x 145 x 60mm