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Automatic waterpump pliers set - KW3266SET

with practical automatic adjustment for

one-hand operation, optimal for narrow

spaces. Isolated soft-grip handles.

Circlips pliers set - KW2212

Circlips pliers set

with hardened tips and double isolated


Clamp Pliers - KW30629

Hose clip pliers with remote operation and locking ratchet - KW30644

To open self-tensioning hose clips when

replacing fuel lines, oil-lines, radiator

hoses and heater hoses. Remote

operation enables even hard-to-access

areas to be re

Mini crimping and crimping pliers - KW3253

Pipe wrench with adjustable head - KW5405-290

"Stillson"-type, with aluminium die cast

body and 180° swivel aluminium handle,

jaws made of chrome-molybdenum

steel, continuously adjustable with the

knurling n

Plastic grip clamp set - KW2256

Ratchet lever crimping pliers - KW3254

Ratchet lever crimping pliers

with interchangeable jaws including

crimping jaws for insulated terminals

and closed, non insulated terminals

and non insulated ferrule

Set of 12 Pliers Universal in bag - KW3267

Set of pliers - KW3292SET

composed by:

Long pliers 10 "250 mm

Pliers 7 "175 mm

Long pliers 6 "150 mm